Paramount Pictures created Insurge Pictures for exactly one reason: to produce ultra-small films like Paranormal Activity that can make their budget back from midnight screenings alone. Hell, when the announcement it was said they had 10 projects in development with budgets of only $100,000. The first picture to be released by the studio arm was The Devil Inside earlier this year - which not only earned scorn from critics but audiences as well - and now Insurge has made a move towards another project.

Deadline says that the banner has acquired the rights to the script Family Vacation. The thriller was written by Eric Reese, but unfortunately there isn't any other information about the project available at this time. Given the studio it's likely that the movie will be a found footage project, as that's currently the easiest shortcut in Hollywood to excuse a cheap-looking film. According to his IMDb profile Reese has only one other credit, a horror film titled sxtape which has not yet been released. Daniel Dubiecki, who is best known for producing Jason Reitman films including Thank You For Smoking, Juno and Up In The Air, is serving as a producer on the new thriller, having sold the script to Insurge via his Allegiance Theatre banner. The source of the news makes no mention of a director being attached or when they are aiming to start production and/or release the film.

So what will it be? Ghosts? Hillbilly hunters? Demon children? Zombies? Aliens? We'll just have to wait and see.

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