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Given how many films have shown up on IMAX screens over the last few yaers, it's surprising more of them haven't taken full advantage of the format the way The Dark Knight did. We all remember that feeling of seeing the blue-flamed Batman logo, and then suddenly being thrust into the screen when it expanded its full 8 stories, panning over Gotham City. Even Avatar, with all its scads of technology, didn't go for the full aspect ratio.

But will Jeff Bridges make it up to us? Slashfilm caught up with Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski after the Los Angeles Tron event (read our write-up of the New York version here), and Kosinski told them that five of Tron: Legacy's action sequences will be shown in the IMAX aspect ratio of 1.7:1.

The scenes weren't shot with IMAX cameras, which may annoy some of the purists, but given the CG-created world that much of the action scenes will take place in, the extra square footage will be covered by computer rendering, not just blown-up film. Still, I like seeing more filmmakers take advantage of the height of the IMAX screen, rather than just extending the widescreen aspect ratio even wider. It's still unclear how pumped we should be about the story of Tron: Legacy itself-- but at least the technical aspects are looking pretty great.

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