Patton Oswalt's Star Wars/Marvel Mash Up Now Has A Poster

You guys remember that epic Patton Oswalt rant, a deleted scene from NBC’s Parks and Recreation that found the Young Adult star somehow merging the worlds of Marvel’s The Avengers with J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars trilogy into a massive nerd-frenzy war waged on Thanos?

Yeah, well, someone went ahead and created a poster for the mock movie … and it’s pretty spectacular.

The above image was shared via, coinciding with Oswalt’s inspired filibuster in the NBC sitcom that probably should have made it to the air, given the amount of press it has generated to date. The poster is credited to EW staffer Jef Castro, and it merges virtually every major player in future sci-fi and fantasy franchises. It’s kind of a clever joke, but it’s also a chilling reality that characters like Thanos, Boba Fett, Iron Man, Wolverine and more will be dominating multiplexes for years to come – particularly following the news that Disney plans to bring one Star Wars to theaters every year starting in the summer of 2015. Get used to these characters, folks. We’ll be reading about them for a while from here on out.

Needless to say, Oswalt’s dream of Marvel’s top heroes and Star Wars’ top heroes joining forces to take down Thanos can never happen. Right? I mean, will we ever see such a major motion-picture team up? Right now, I have to say it’s unlikely. Too many studios would prevent Spider-Man (Sony) from sharing the screen with The Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox) and Luke Skywalker (Disney). But geeks can dream, right?

If you missed Oswalt’s original rant, drink it in below:

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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