Peter Dinklage And Evan Rachel Wood Join Justin Long In A Case Of You

By this point, it’s probably fair to say that Justin Long is better known for the film’s he’s appeared in, than for playing the “Mac” in the “Get a Mac” Apple ad campaign. As great (and memorable) as those ads were, Long has appeared in enough films before and since then to show his true potential as an actor. He’s also done some TV work, including voice-work in FX’s new animated comedy Unsupervised, as well as a charming recurring guest appearance Fox’s New Girl. It looks like we’ll be getting to see his potential as a writer (and a producer) with the upcoming indie film A Case of You.

The news about the project, which comes from Variety, includes some great casting updates. Joining Long, who is also set to star, is Evan Rachel Wood and Peter Dinklage. Directed by Kat Coiro, the story follows a writer who embellishes his online profile in an attempt to impress a girl, which results in her falling in love with him. He ends up in a mess as he has to try to “keep up the act.” Variety doesn’t mention whether this is a comedy or a drama (maybe a little of both?), nor do they specify what roles the actors will be playing, but Long as the writer and Wood as the girl he fibs to sounds like it could fit.

Cougar Town‘s Busy Phillips, who co-starred in He’s Just Not That Into You with Long, is set to co-star. Keir O’Donnell will also co-star, in addition to contributing to the writing, along with Long’s brother Christian.

The whole cast sounds great, but as a Game of Thrones fan, it’s especially exciting to hear of Dinklage’s involvement in the film. With the series headed into its second season, and Dinklage coming off well-deserved Emmy and Golden Globe wins, it’s no surprise to see his name popping up in other projects. In addition to A Case of You, he’s also set to star alongside fellow HBO TV star Ryan Kwanten in the Joe Lynch directed Knights of Badassdom, as well as Sacha Gervasi’s My Dinner with Herve. He’s also lending his distinctly deep voice to the fourth Ice age film, Continental Drift.

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