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In the comics, Emma Frost is one of the most scantily clad characters you will find - her top is about half of a bra and her bottoms usually don't amount to much more than a thong. With that image in mind, you can imagine that many men were excited by the prospect of seeing January Jones in such attire when she was cast in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class. I have some bad news.

INF Daily has posted the first images of Jones on the set of the film and while the hemline of her jacket is on the shorter side, the closest thing we get to skin is the actresses' face (though that is quite nice to look at as well). It's entirely possible that the jacket is just covering her real costume underneath, but with that other puffy coat she's wearing I wouldn't hold your breath. Looks like its going to be a little less Emma Frost, a little more dressed-for-the-cold.

Check out some of the images below and scope out the rest over at INF Daily.

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