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Much like the monster itself that rules the films, it seems the Predator movies will never die. It’s been several years since we last saw, or in its case, didn’t see the alien hunter slaughtering unsuspecting humans. We knew a new movie in the franchise was planned, and now we have our first shot of what it’s going to look like. Sort of.

Here we go again, bro.

Posted by Predator on Monday, February 15, 2016

Last week, Fred Dekker, one of the screenwriters, took to Twitter and teased that something involving the Predator franchise was coming. Now, we see at least a little of what he was talking about. The new film is a reality. While this image doesn’t tell us much more than that, it does appear to give us a title. The Predator are the two words written in red. Certainly it could have just said Predator if they were simply teasing the character. Both Predator and Predators have been used for movie titles previously so The Predator makes as much sense as any title. At this point, it’s not even clear what number you would add to the title anyway. Is this Predator 4, or maybe Predator 6? Are we counting the AVP movies? Franchises can be so confusing.

They won’t be going back and simply calling the movie Predator as co-writer and director Shane Black has specifically stated that this film is not a reboot. Rather than starting over, Black has said he wants to expand on the mythology behind the character. As the image of the Predator in this teaser doesn’t look to have been redesigned in any way, it supports this earlier idea. We would assume that any reboot to the franchise would make at least some minor changes to the character in order to differentiate it from the previous chapters. Knowing that, it’s just short of impossible to guess where the film will be going. The franchise has been literally all over the place when it comes to settings and characters. What’s also unclear is what kind of Predator movie we’re in for. Will this be the hyper-violent rated-R version of the originals, or the watered down PG-13 of the Alien vs Predator series?

What would you like to see come out of The Predator? Previous films have been led by everybody from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Adrian Brody. What humans would you like to see take on, and mostly get murdered by, the Predator? And when do we think this movie is coming? We'll bring you details as they arrive.