This spring's low-budget party movie Project X mostly just made me feel old and grumpy, but one of the few highlights was the performance from Oliver Cooper, who plays the brash and energetic best friend character Costa, and who was generally the only funny part of a movie that felt like it went on forever. His scene-stealing performance has already led him to one new role, joining the ensemble of Grown Ups 2, but now the newcomer has landed a part in a movie I might actually be willing to see. Entertainment Weekly writes that he's signed on to join Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake in the thriller Runner Runner, which will take him very far from the high school party milieu of Project X.

Affleck and Timberlake signed on to star in the film last month, but only now are we learning the details of the story. Weirdly enough, 22-year-old Cooper and 30-year-old Timberlake will both be playing college students, Timberlake a Princeton guy who starts doing online gambling to pay his tuition, and Cooper another Ivy Leaguer who works for Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), who runs the online gambling company out of Costa Rica. If you've heard about recent scandals involving online gambling companies, this story seems to get closer to that-- Affleck's character's company is "even less legitimate than it first seems."

Production is set to start in June, just a few months before Affleck's new directorial effort Argo opens October 12. It's nice to see him willing to take on acting roles in addition to his burgeoning directing career, and the idea of him playing a sleazeball online gambling entrepreneur? I mean no offense when I say that's some pretty perfect casting.

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