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Prometheus 2 Bringing Back This Key Character

At this stage, Ridley Scott's Prometheus 2 most definitely stands as a mystery, with not much known about exactly how the movie will pick up the story where its predecessor left things. Next to nothing is known about the plot, but at the very least we now do know that we will get to see the return of Michael Fassbender's android character, David.

This past weekend, Scott was up at the Toronto International Film Festival celebrating the big world premiere of his latest film, The Martian, and it was while speaking with Deadline that he revealed his intentions to reteam with Michael Fassbender. Answering a question about the end of the first Prometheus and working with Fassbender again, the director first talked at length about his positive experience collaborating with the actor on his film The Counselor, but then added, discussing his next sci-fi movie,

Fassbender will do this one with me, and it’s meant to start production in February. I’m in prep, now. I’ll either shoot in Aussie, or here.

For fans of Prometheus - and even those who weren't too big on the movie - this should be seen as great news. The 2012 blockbuster had a good number of problems in the story and script department, but Michael Fassbender's performance was absolutely flawless and mindblowing. His perfect ability to capture an android character even extended beyond the film itself. I don't think I will ever forget this viral Weyland Industries commercial:

Of course, now that Michael Fassbender has been confirmed to be on-board, we have to ask: what about Noomi Rapace? Of the big ensemble featured in Prometheus, Michael Fassbender's David and the Swedish actress' character, Elizabeth Shaw, were the only ones to survive the story - flying away on a spaceship towards the Engineers' homeworld - but Ridley Scott doesn't mention her in the Deadline interview. Is it possible that she died on the ship, and that David only survived because he's an android? Or maybe she is around and will be back for Prometheus 2, and the director just didn't mention her.

With production set to start on Prometheus 2 in February, we should start hearing a lot more updates about the feature soon. Unless Ridley Scott plans the sci-fi movie to be a one man show starring Michael Fassbender, the next few months should see a number of big casting stories land online. So, as always, be sure to stay tuned for more big news.

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