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The future is looking incredibly bright for Rebecca Ferguson. After breaking out opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation last summer, the Swedish actress had landed at the top of a ton of dream casting lists and bagged a bunch of high-profile parts. Now she’s scored one of her biggest roles to date, and she’ll lead the upcoming science fiction film Life, and it sounds awesome.

There isn’t a ton known about Life right now, but what we do know is promising indeed. First off, Variety reports that Rebecca Ferguson will star in the project, and after watching her give Tom Cruise, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, all he could handle in Rogue Nation, we’re all about seeing her in more movies.

The story is an original idea from Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the pair behind the script for the upcoming Deadpool, though we’re going to go out on a limb and guess this will be somewhat less profane and offensive. The plot follows the crew of the International Space Station. When they retrieve a sample from Mars, they discover signs of life, but this particular life turns out to be way more intelligent than anyone expected. You just know that’s going to cause problems. The contained nature of the setting, and the high-stakes environment inherent in anything space-based, will only serve to crank up the tension and potential for disaster.

Swedish director Daniel Espinosa will take on the directing duties for Skydance Pictures. While his 2012 outing Safe House was solid, he hasn’t yet quite lived up to the cinematic potential that first brought him to people’s attention when he dropped Snabba Cash (Easy Money) back in 2010. He’s coming off of Stalin-era drama Child 44, which was a horrible flop despite a star-studded cast that included the likes of Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace, Jason Clarke, and more. Still, Life has an intriguing concept, and hopefully he will start to regain his footing.

As for Rebecca Ferguson, this is just another step on what could be a quick rise to superstardom. She’s in the process of filming the crime drama The Snowman with Michael Fassbender, and she will appear in the highly anticipated mystery thriller The Girl on the Train with Emily Blunt. There’s already a lot of buzz around that one as maybe being the next Gone Girl. She also has Stephen Frears’ biographical drama, Florence Foster Jenkins, co-starring Meryl Streep, in post-production right now. Then, of course, she’ll also be back for more hyper kinetic action in Mission: Impossible 6 at some point. We can’t wait.

We don’t know when Life will begin production, but they better get it on the schedule soon, before Rebecca Ferguson gets too damn busy.