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Normally when Hollywood releases a red band trailer it’s pretty much like the green band trailer, except with the F word, or if you’re lucky, a boob. The new Red Band trailer for Machete opens with Danny Trejo ripping out a man’s intestines which he then uses like a bungie-cord to jump off a building. And that’s just the beginning.

Contained in this trailer you’ll see pretty much everything the red band label is supposed to be for. It’s a non-stop two-and-a-half minutes of decapitations, blood spatter, and naked women. It’s kind of amazing that this movie isn’t going to be NC-17.

Watch the new red band Machete trailer embedded below, then join me for a few screencap highlights:

Does Machete actually turn red when he's angry or is this just a gimmick for the trailer?

Yep, that just happened.

Better than McGyver.

This is not Jessica Alba.

This is.

The blonde on the left is probably Lindsay Lohan.

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