Gabriel Mann's Revenge character Nolan Ross might spend his summer lounging by his infinity pool, sipping drinks, counting his money and scheming with his dear friend Emily. It looks like Gabriel Mann, on the other hand, will be filling his summer days, at least in part, working on the independent film Chavez.

Currently in pre-production in Sonora, Mexico is Diego Luna's indie drama Chavez, which tells the story of Latino civil rights activist Cesar E. Chavez and his strides to obtain basic human rights for farm workers in California, which includes organizing the largest non-violent protest in U.S. history. In addition to Michael Pena, who's set to star in the film, the cast includes America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Wes Bentley and Michael Cudlitz. Joining them, according to Variety, is Gabriel Mann, who's set to play John Giumarra Jr., "who along with his farm-owning father, opposed Chavez's United Farm Workers Organizing Committee."

Is it safe to assume by that description that he might not be the nicest character? It's difficult to tell for sure, but he's part of the opposition, at the very least. Mann's Revenge character Nolan is actually a good guy (if we're grading on a curve when factoring in all of the drama and scheming on that series) and one of the most likable characters on the series, but I can definitely picture Mann demonstrating a mean streak if the role called for it, and that could serve him well depending on what kind of character he's playing here. Beyond his supporting role on the ABC drama series, Mann's credits include playing Zorn in The Bourne Supremecy (and Legacy), a part in The Life of David Gale and the recurring role of Arthur Case in Mad Men's second season.

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