Robbie Amell Has A Pretty Good Idea For A Batman Movie

The future of Batman movies remains a mystery. Sure, The Dark Knight will be showing up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and probably both Justice League features, but right now there are no plans on the books to give the beloved protector of Gotham City a new solo film. As a result, fans are left to speculate about the cinematic future of the superhero, and while most have their own pet theories, Flash and Arrow’s Robbie Amell has dreams of a Batman Beyond feature.

This past weekend, Amell was a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con, and it was while on a panel that he discussed his dreams of someday seeing a live-action adaptation of the hit animated series that ran from 1999 to 2001. Discussing his hopes to one day see the project made, and potentially be a part of it, the actor said,

Because they have Batman going on right now, they won't make the Batman Beyond movie until I'm too old to be Terry McGinnis. By then I'll probably be the old, crusty Batman. But I'm a huge fan of that idea. I think it would be a great property.

Batman Beyond is a sequel to the great Batman: The Animated Series, which ran from 1992 to 1995, and The New Batman Adventures, which kept the continuity going from 1997 to 1999. It was set 40 years after its predecessors, and followed a teenager named Terry McGinnis – who comes under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne and becomes the new Batman.

The animated show had a wild, neon glow-driven aesthetic that could really shine with a huge blockbuster budget, but that’s actually not that Robbie Amell thinks is best for the project. Instead, he thinks it should be scaled way back. He told the crowd,

I think the smartest idea for them would be to make it like a $30 million movie. Don't do like a $200 million blockbuster, do a dark, gritty version of Batman Beyond. The visual effects have come so far that you don't need $200 million to show the technology that they have. Make it a nice, grounded character piece. But I don't run studios, so that means nothing.

Despite what Amell says, the truth is that we may not actually be that far off from seeing something akin to a Batman Beyond movie. As a result of the movie being heavily inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is launching the DC Cinematic Universe with an older version of the Caped Crusader (played by Ben Affeck). As a result of this, a time may come sooner rather than later for the hero to pass his mantle to another, and by that point it would be possible to introduce the first live-action Terry McGinnis.

What do you think of Robbie Amell’s idea? Would you want to see a Batman Beyond film? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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