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Robert Pattinson has a perfectly square jaw, sure, and his tousled hair has the power to impregnate 20 women simultaneously, but I thought we'd all agreed on one thing-- Pattinson is not really that different from teen matinee idols past. But while Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio didn't get documentaries in their honor during their moments in the sun, Pattinson is getting his. U.K. distributor Revolver, as they move into the American distribution market, are bringing us Robsessed, a documentary that will be available only to buy or rent on iTunes.

The company's CEO Justin Marciano told Variety that the digital release "demonstrates our belief that the future is most certainly digital," which already sets Revolver apart from the more traditional studios who are clinging to theatrical windows for dear life. Though it is a little bizarre that the star of movies that prove widespread faith in the moviegoing experience, bringing in $140 million in a single weekend, will now be the subject of an all-digital documentary. Whereas teen girls were screaming in 400-strong packs over Pattinson this weekend, they'll be huddled around their individuals iPods to squeal over this one.

Based on the trailer available at the movie's official website, it doesn't seem that the documentary will actually show "all areas accessed" as promised on the cover-- more like assembled paparazzi footage and talking head interviews with people who don't actually know him. But I won't lie and say I wouldn't have bought this thing in 1995 had Jonathan Taylor Thomas been the subject.

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