Rosemarie DeWitt And John Krasinski Struggle With Fidelity In Nobody Walks Trailer

At the start of the Sundance selected drama Nobody Walks, Peter (John Krasinski) and Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt) are a happily married couple with two kids and cool house in the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake. But then they opened their home to Martine, a favor that soon leads husband and wife down separate roads of temptation and tribulation.

From her pixie haircut and sly smile to her skinny jeans and battered boots, you can tell right off the bat: Martine is an artist. But rather than a clichéd manic pixie dream girl, embodied by vibrant Olivia Thirlby and created by writer-director Ry Russo-Young and Girls creator Lena Dunham, Martine is sure to be so much more. Get a glimpse of her contagious energy and the complicated effect it has on those around her below in Nobody Walks first trailer, or scope it in hi-res at Apple (opens in new tab).

Obviously, the cast is sensational, and at 26, Dunham has already established herself as an insightful and poignant screenwriter. But what really stands out in the trailer above is the earnestness and elegance displayed. The fact that Martine and Peter's flirtation begins on a collaboration of sound design may seem flat on paper, but even in this brief promo you can feel the sizzle of Krasinski and Thirlby's onscreen chemistry, which is compounded by the cracks and pops of the sounds they create together. Add to this the element of danger and seduction between DeWitt and Weeds' Justin Kirk, and the promise of these performances alone should be enough to pull you in.

Nobody Walks will be available on iTunes September 6th. A theatrical release will follow beginning October 12th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.