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Ryan Reynolds And Director Tarsem Singh In Talks For Selfless

To start his career director Tarsem Singh made two feature films in 10 years, but as of late has found himself producing at a much faster clip. Immortals and Mirror Mirror came out in back to back years and now it appears as though he has already found not only his next project, but also possibly his next leading man.

Deadline reports that the filmmaker and the actor are now both in talks to make Selfless, a new thriller that's being co-produced by Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict. Based on an original script by Alex and David Pastor, who both wrote and directed the 2009 horror film Carriers with Chris Pine, the new movie centers on a wealthy old man who pays to have his mind transplanted into a younger body after discovering that he is dying. What he finds out too late, however, is that the body he takes over is that of a man who was murdered, and the body's killers are none too happy to see him walking around again. The protagonist is forced to go on the run and must work out who it is that's trying to kill him before it's too late.

Reynolds has been keeping busy of late, most recently lending his voice to one of the cavemen characters in DreamWorks Animation's The Croods. This summer he will be seen fighting alongside Jeff Bridges in the action comedy R.I.P.D., and lending his voice to a speed-obsessed snail in the animated Turbo. He most recently completed work on the Atom Egoyan-directed thriller Queen of the Night, which isn't expected in theaters until 2014.

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