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Sandra Bullock has always seemed like the kind of cool chick guys want to hang out with. Now she’ll play one in a movie. Variety says she’ll star in the 20th Century Fox comedy One of the Guys.

The movie casts her as a tomboy with an all-male circle of friends. When she decides to embrace her estrogen and get a little more feminine, her dude friends are thrown for a loop. I bet they suddenly all want to sleep with her. Guys are disgusting, aren't they?

Sandra will produce it along with Todd Garner. She’s currently busy filming a thriller called Premonition and earlier this year no one saw her in The Lake House and Infamous. Aside from her shared screen time in Crash, Sandra’s career is in a bit of a downturn. She’s still running on the fumes leftover from her last hit, 2000’s Miss Congeniality. Can a cutesy, formulaic rom-com like this heat her back up? Sadly, probably so.