Scarlett Johansson's R-Rated Comedy Movie Rock That Body Is Building The Perfect Cast

While her next big-screen adventure is this weekend's Captain America: Civil War, Scarlett Johansson has some post-Marvel Studios projects already lined up. Besides her lead role in the Ghost In The Shell adaptation, Johansson is anchoring the cast of the R-rated female-centric ensemble film, Rock That Body. And just today, four new cast-members were announced, rounding out the main cast with some rather impressive talent.

THR broke the news, which adds four more actors to the cast of Rock That Body's raucous story. The film sees Scarlett Johansson's character, and her four friends, planning a no holds barred weekend of partying at a Miami beach house. Clearly Johansson knows how to party, but in order for the proceedings to really get going, she's going to need friends just as awesome as she is to keep everything going. Though if the previous synopsis is still in play, released when the film was under the working title Move That Body, it looks like these ladies are not only fun, but they're also capable of hiding a body.


Kate McKinnon

After four years on SNL, Kate McKinnon's resume is getting a hell of a boost. This year alone, she'll find herself in five different films: Masterminds, The Angry Birds Movie, Finding Dory, Office Christmas Party, and, of course, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot. Not to mention, McKinnon is still going at it on a weekly basis on SNL every Saturday night.


Ilana Glazer

If you're going to have a party, and you want to procure certain elements that might make the night a little higher than usual, Ilana Glazer is your go-to pal! While Glazer is mostly known as being half of the duo that makes up the core of Comedy Central's Broad City, she's also recently started to break into the world of films. In addition to Rock That Body, Ilana Glazer can also be seen in last year's holiday themed comedy, The Night Before.


Jillian Bell

Another member of the Rock That Body family coming from the Comedy Central school of laughter is Workaholics alum Jillian Bell. Of course, you'd probably know her better as the woman Jonah Hill squared off against in the 22 Jump Street trailer. Strangely enough, Bell shares a credit with fellow co-star Ilana Glazer, as she played Seth Rogen's wife in The Night Before. Bell also has roles in Bridesmaids and Goosebumps in her repertoire, as well as parts in The Angry Birds Movie and Office Christmas Party also in her future.


Zoe Kravitz

Last, but not least, is an actor who has similar experience in the world of popular franchises. Zoe Kravitz has not only played a pivotal role in The Divergent Series of films, but she's also had a little experience in the world of Marvel Comics. In X-Men: First Class, Kravitz played the role of Angel Salvadore, though she only returned to the role through archival footage in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Still, she'll have lots of stories to swap with Scarlett Johansson on the set of Rock That Body, as they play the best of friends.

No other information is available for Rock That Body at this time, except that with a cast like this, you can expect Sony to fast-track this film into production, so as to strike while the iron is hot. As soon as we have any further information, you'll be the first to know, readers!

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