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The Dragonball Z live action movie is still moving forward. Last week here we heard that Buffy alum James Marsters and The Invisible's Justin Chatwin would be the first actors to join the cast, playing super-villain and hero respectively. Now have a line on the next two roles in the film to be filled.

A close friend of the site sent us the following two Dragonball Z movie character descriptions sent out for casting purposes:

CHI CHI - Asian, 20. Goku’s lifelong love interest, Chi Chi is an attractive, tom boy-ish young woman who has grown up with Goku. She has studied martial arts and has always suspected that Goku possesses talents that are unusual and extraordinary. After Goku embarks on his journey to redeem his grandfather’s death, Chi Chi meets up with Goku and his crew at a tournament of champions where their mutual attraction finally heats up during a training session.

AGUNDES - Latino, he is a large and hulking gargantuan, over 6 feet tall. Late teens-early 20s to play senior in high school, Carey Fuller's sidekick, a big football player and a bigger bully; must be athletic - has a fight scene...2 scenes.

No word yet at who they’ll take for either role. Right now our source tells us they're simply auditioning. We’ll update you when and if we hear more.