When two similar movies go into development around the same time, it's the one that gets going fastest that always ends up getting made. In the current battle of the dueling Steve McQueen biopics, the one based on the actor's official biography has been the one lagging behind without a screenwriter. But now the film to be based on Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel has hired Jesse Wigutow has been hired to adapt the screenplay, meaning maybe they'll be able to catch up after all.

The other film, based on McQueen's first wife's memoir My Husband, My Friend, had screenwriters on board already when it announced development in January. Then again, as THR notes, the film Wigutow is writing is likely to get picked up by Paramount, given that producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters have a first-look deal with the studios.

I've always figured that the one based on the ex-wife's memoir would be the juicier story, but then again, it wouldn't have nearly as expansive a view of the screen icon's career. With the arms race fully in gear for both of these films, I'm just hoping the best--and most gossip-filled, of course-- project wins.

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