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I’ve always thought Milla Jovovich had something, and hoped she’d end up doing more than just headlining the Resident Evil films. Well, it looks like that’ll probably remain the height of her stardom, but she’s got plenty more work to do anyway. According to the terse but great folks at Production Weekly she’ll be starring in the cool sounding little indie movie .45.

She, along with a guy named Angus Macfaden (Braveheart?) will star as a married pair of small time crooks in 1970’s Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen you might remember, is the morally corrupt part of New York where Daredevil likes to hang out and bump into walls. There’ll be no Ben Affleck cameos here, but if you like drug movies and abusive, criminal relationships, the Gary Lennon directed film might be for you. After enduring plenty of betrayal from her hubby, Jovovich’s character sets out to seduce her husband’s friends into framing him for murder. Seduction and Jovovich in the same sentence is always good.

Also in the cast are flagging stars Andie MacDowell and Stephen Dorff, no doubt clinging to indie film as a way to revive their vanished and lucrative careers. The whole thing starts shooting in Toronto on April 11 and since it’s an indie film will either be done and in theaters on May 11, 2005 or May 11, 2010.

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