See The When Harry Met Sally Orgasm Flashmob

This video may be considered NSFW because of its audio. If your boss is around, get out your headphones out.

There's no scene in Rob Reiner's When Harry Met Sally better known than then one staged at Katz's Delicatessen in New York City. There, the uptight Sally educates Harry about fake orgasms with a very vocal performance much to the shock of the diners around her. Well, dedicated pranksters Improv Everywhere decided to recreate this scene on location, but to up the ante they not only had actors costumed and playing Harry and Sally, but also added twenty other couples--seemingly on dates--to the mix to create a cacophony of fake sex sounds.

According to Improv Everywhere's Youtube caption, the stunt above was performed without the restaurant's foreknowledge. But as you can see in the video, its workers seemed to get a kick out of it, recording the display with their phones and clapping as an older woman stood to announce that classic button.

The performances here are pretty impressive, from the Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan impersonations to the hair-flipping, table-pounding, screaming orgasms. There's also some amusing reactions from shocked diners and staff, but my favorite reaction is hands down the guy at 1:50, who couldn't look more bored as his "date" is wide-mouthed thrashing in front if him.

In case you are somehow unfamiliar with the original, dare to compare below.

Fun fact: Director Rob Reiner cast his own mother, Estelle Reiner nee Lebost, to deliver that final line. "I'll have what she's having" has since earned the #33 spot on the American Film Institute's Top 100 Movie Quotations.

This prank is the seventh entry in a new web series Improv Everywhere has created called Movies in Real Life. Among their movie-inspired misadventures so far, they've had Rocky running down the streets of Philadelphia, Indiana Jones being chased by boulder all around Central Park, Matrix-styled fight scene in the suit section of Macy's, and brought Jurassic Park to life. Though not in the scary way that crazy game show did.

Look for new episodes every Tuesday.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.