Jurassic Park Cosplay Terrorizes Unsuspecting Office Worker

Oh, you know, the usual work day. Grab a cup of coffee. Pick up donuts for my co-workers. Trudge down that long hallway that leads me to my cubicle. DODGE THE KILLER VELOCIRAPTOR THAT HAS EMERGED FROM THE COPY ROOM!

No, this poor, unsuspecting Japanese man doesn’t work on Jurassic Park -- nor is he an extra in Colin Trevorrow’s planned fourth installment in the JP franchise. Instead, he’s the latest victim of a televised prank on a vicious Japanese TV show – probably the latest in a string of unusually bizarre game-show challenges.

Next here's a longer, full version of the same prank being pulled on even more people, albeit none with a reaction as good as this guy's...

Seriously, what is wrong with people over there? Skip to 00:49 on this next video to see the Tongue Twister Nut-Shot Challenge. It's after the jump...

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And, unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what’s happening here, but it kind of needs to be seen to be believed....

So I guess seeing a velociraptor walking around in your office, in comparison, is relatively tame. At least the dinosaur didn’t bend over and make the man stare at his underpants.

My favorite part of the above video is the fact that you can see the person’s legs hanging out underneath the dinosaur, so if the employee stopped for a moment and thought about what was happening, he’s likely realize that it was an excellent suit … but a suit, all the same. This is the type of culture that we are living in, though. We see so many films and TV shows where unbelievable events occur in normal, everyday life. Now normal dudes heading to work are conditioned to believe, in the year 2013, that a Kaiju might attack, Superman may burst through his wall, or an extinct dinosaur possibly could be roaming his halls.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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