See Vin Diesel's Insane Beard From The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel is always a scary dude. Thanks to his giant muscles and angry sneer, he wakes up looking like he’s ready to beat people up. It’s just standard operating procedure for him, but it turns out his normal appearance isn’t even as scary as it gets. The Fast & Furious actor just dropped an image from his new movie, The Last Witch Hunter, and it turns out he’s way scarier with a beard and a weird haircut. Check out the shot below…

Post by Vin Diesel.

Bam! That’s not the get-up of a man you bring home to help you Scrapbook. It’s not the look of someone who avoids confrontation either. Instead, our man Vin Diesel looks like he’s ready to hunt witches and deal with any and all Middle Ages-related trials and tribulations. Dragons? He’ll dodge that fire and snap some necks. Tax collectors? I highly doubt he even keeps a permanent address. Women? Something tells me he’s got a few good, overly blunt lines that make himself appealing to the Fairer Sex.

In short, Vin Diesel looks like one scary, badass and all-around awesome son of a bitch in this picture. His beard is thick and long, a perfect balance between "thoughtful philosopher" and "untamed warrior". His haircut is equal parts weird and Geometrically appealing---like a really tame version of Iman Shumpert or Gerald from Hey Arnold

The Last Witch Hunter stars Vin Diesel as an immortal witch hunter. Part of the movie will allegedly take place during the 13th Century and part of the movie will take place in present day New York City, where Diesel will discover a plan to unleash a plague on humanity. He’ll work to stop it because, obviously, he’s the good guy here. Michael Caine has also boarded the project; so, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that there’s something intriguing and cool beyond the basic premise of our hero straight up murdering witches.

The film is already in production. We should all be able to see its greatness sometime next year. Until then, feel free to refer to this picture every now and again if you happen to forget how scary Vin Diesel can be when he’s trying.

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