See What Superman's Statue In Batman V Superman Almost Looked Like

After the events of Man Of Steel had passed and Superman had saved Metropolis, someone thought it was a good idea to build a site commemorating the Man of Steel's good deed. And so, Heroes Park was born, with the centerpiece being a massive statue erected depicting the image of the last son of Krypton himself. While the finished product in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looked pretty impressive, some concept art of a previously proposed look has been released, and it looks fantastic. Take a look at the statue we almost got in the image below:

Posted by Victor Martinez : ROBOTvictor on Monday, March 28, 2016

Courtesy of artist Victor Martinez's Facebook page, a couple of clear looks at the original designs for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's very important setting were published for public consumption. Instead of the more grounded approach that the final film took to Superman's monument of heroism, the look that Martinez has constructed is that of a more aloof god-like figure. With Superman placed high above the casual observer, the true scope of his actions is conveyed, and to a certain extent the opinion that he is above humanity's laws.

Of course, the viewer can take away whatever image they want when looking at said statue, which is why the details of the design are so interesting. For reference, take a look at the final design again, courtesy of the following image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Note how the design used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows Superman in a more grounded position, though still in a rather intimidating scale. While he still looms over the observers in Heroes Park, his more immediate proximity to those who frequent the park could be seen as an overshadowing presence. For those who believe in the purpose of Superman, this is a comforting factor, while those against him would see it as an oppressive specter that hangs over humanity. In either circumstance, the message is still the same one you'd expect, just delivered in a different manner. If anything, the final design used in Zack Snyder's blockbuster film is made all the more effective when Scoot McNairy's Wallace Keefe spray paints the epithet "False God" across the Man of Steel's chest in effigy.

A detail as relatively small as the design of a statue can make a big difference, especially with the way that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice uses said statue in its overall story. It's not a major plot point, nor is it the setting for a massive throw-down, but what does happen to be is a symbol of the sentiment that both sides hold towards Superman. In a sense, it's a Rorschach test for the audience to use in order to support their argument for or against the Man of Steel's presence. Most importantly, it's a striking image that's stuck with the audience ever since it was unveiled, and will continue to stay with those who've seen it for a while after seeing the film.

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