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See Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris Mashed Up With A Jay-Z And Kanye West Song

Of all the things associated with Woody Allen, Hip-Hop isn't usually one of them. While the auteur has tackled a myriad of subjects and themes, African-American culture hasn't really been explored through his his Jewish neurotic worldview. However, that doesn't mean his latest romp, and multiple Academy Award nominee, Midnight in Paris isn't well suited for an 'urban' appropriating. Sorry, using the term urban highlights my own Jewish neurotic worldview. Anyway, audience flocked to see Midnight in Paris, how about "Niggas In Paris at Midnight"?

The mash-up between the Best Picture nominee and the single off Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch the Throne" was first brought to the attention of Bad Ass Digest as it was created by one of their 'regular commenters' Tim Davids. Davids mash-up is pretty impressive, and not just in light of the obvious ease at which the two titles align but because he clearly put in a lot of effort to match hip-hop music video trappings (especially Kanye's videos) with the more classical Hollywood stylings of Allen's MiP.

Bad Ass Digest also cites an interesting quote from Rap Genius that highlights how there's perhaps a little more depth to the mash than first glance suggests since the French/Paris scene was such an important locale for the liberation and appreciation of Black artists. Oh, and it's just a hell of a lot of fun to watch the juxtaposition of the nostalgic Paris of the past and the ultra-modern graphics all with the beats of "Watch the Throne" pounding in the background. What did you think?