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Readers, I'm not accusing you of being old, per se. But I'm just going to assume that you don't know who Selena Gomez is, and if you do, you're not familiar enough with her body of work to know whether or not you'd want to see her in a movie. But don't worry! The powers that be are making sure that Selena will soon be as ever-present as her fellow Disney product Miley Cyrus, as the Wizards of Waverly Place gets her movie career started.

First up will be Monte Carlo, a project based on the novel Headhunters that had originally been developed for Nicole Kidman to star, but is now being skewed younger. Gomez, Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and a third actress will likely be the ones playing a trio of college girls who ditch a boring trip to Paris in order to pose as socialites in Monte Carlo. Variety reports that Kidman will stay on as a producer and may also play a supporting role, but in this era of Twilight, they recognize that all the money will be coming from a younger audience.

Given that Gomez's character will be a recent high school graduate, it's hard to imagine how many amazing hijinks the girls can get up to-- she can't even drink! All I can think of, really, is all those late-90s Olsen Twin movies, in which Mary-Kate and Ashley found themselves in any number of exotic locations and got into wacky adventures. So what will Monte Carlo be more like-- When in Rome? Passport to Paris? If we're really, really lucky, we might get Holiday in the Sun, hopefully with another Weezer track to go with it.

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