Senator With A Frozen Ringtone: Creepy And Disruptive, Or Cute And Funny?

Kansas senator Pat Roberts learned an important lesson: always keep your phone on vibrate or silent during important meetings. He experienced one of our worst nightmares when his phone started blaring during an important financial hearing. And worst still, his ringtone was none other than the infamous tune from Frozen.

People just can’t let this one go, Roberts.

According to Entertainment Weekly, house representatives were in the middle of a hearing on U.S. tariff policy when this unfortunate mishap happened. Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, was in the middle of a statement when all of sudden Roberts goes, "Oh, come on!" Pulling out his cellphone, he revealed the muffled melodies to be Idina Menzel’s rendition of "Let It Go," the song that everyone who has ever turned on a television or a computer knows by heart. How did Vilsack take the interruption? By the look on his face, he was trying to keep his frustration on the inside.

At the time, we couldn’t tell if it was borderline adorbs for a grown man/old timer to have this classic Disney animated song as his ringer, or just plain creepy. Thankfully, though, it seems like the former. Roberts went on Twitter after his embarrassing moment and revealed the ringtone is all for the enjoyment of his grandkids, who are apparently huge Frozen fans.

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We’ve heard rock ’n’ roll versions, we’ve heard Demi Lovato’s pop song remix, we’ve heard spoof after spoof of "Let It Go," but this is one of the more enjoyable ones. However, it does prove one semi-depressing fact: Frozen will never die. People are still obsessed with this property and keeping their eyes peeled for when it pops up in unlikely situations.

As for the franchise at large, Disney recently announced plans to develop Frozen 2, even though the creators themselves said this wouldn't happen for a long while, if at all. But this means that at least one more song will come to lodge itself in our brains. We also saw the new short film, Frozen Fever, debut in front of screenings of Cinderella, and the film's creators are developing the music as a Broadway musical. So we all better hunker down, because winter has come, and it's gonna be a long one.