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Slamdance Dispatch #2: A Photo Diary Of Nerves Before The Premiere Of He's Way More Famous Than You

Up at the top of Park City's Main Street, Sundance's younger, funkier cousin has staked its annual claim alongside the larger festival. The Slamdance Film Festival is happening right now, and for an insider look at what it's like to bring your film there-- and how hard you have to work to promote it-- we've got Halley Feiffer and Ryan Spahn to bring us dispatches about their film, He's Way More Famous Than You, which premiered Sunday at Slamdance.

In the film Feiffer plays a version of herself, a fame-seeking aspiring actress who will do anything-- including kidnapping the Karate Kid-- to hit it big. She co-wrote the film with Ryan, and it's directed by Michael Urie, who you might know from Ugly Betty. For more on He's Way More Famous Than You, click here, and to see their first festival dispatch, click here.

In today's installment, Halley and her co-star Ryan Spahn, along with director Michael Urie, share some candid photos and even video of their experience before the film's premiere on Sunday. If you think that movie professionals like these wouldn't get nervous… good Lord, think again. But it all paid off! He's Way More Famous Than You was picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures, and will be on VOD April 8 and in theaters in May. Congratulations to the team, and come back later for their final thoughts from a very successful Slamdance.

1. "With their premiere day ahead of them, Halley & Ryan fortify themselves by swaddling up in their swag snuggies & reminding each other they are beautiful & worthy humans (but then arguing about who is more beautiful & worthy)."

2. "Halley has an existential crisis moments before the premiere & Ryan holds her & strokes her hair & whispers in her ear, "Stop making this all about you."

3. "A candid moment between Ryan & his boyfriend / director Michael of pre-premiere love & confusion."

4. "Premiere red carpet photos don't really work without a hint of innuendo."

5. "Halley & Ryan try to take a humble selfie before their sold-out premiere but are rudely interrupted by Michael imposing himself narcissistically on everything as usual."

6. "A reflective moment of love & support, moments before the lights go down."

7. "Ryan looks on as his life-partner Michael Urie gets photographed for Entertainment Weekly & wonders, 'Is he laughing at me?'"

8. "A minute later Ryan gets his moment in the sun & stops wondering if anyone is laughing at him because he is so focused on how casually charismatic he is."

9. "Halley is well aware that there is nothing better than getting your photo taken whilst getting your photo taken."

10. "We woke up the next day to find out we were picked up for distribution! We were so excited we got back into our matching McCafe snuggies & went to bed for 3 days."