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Spanish John Carter Poster Introduces More Martian Creatures

John Carter may not be the most heavily publicized or anticipated film of 2012, but if our hunches are correct, it might turn out to be one of the best. As crazy as this outer space adventure looks, it doesn't take much knowledge to predict John Carter will be good-- after all, it's directed by Andrew Stanton, the Pixar genius behind Wall-E and Finding Nemo, making his live-action directorial debut. If you scoff at the idea of an animation director switching over to real live actors, you clearly didn't see Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which transferred the high-flying energy of The Incredibles to the real world with amazing skill.

Still, selling the world on a new Tom Cruise adventure is one thing-- getting people excited to see Taylor Kitsch in a loincloth riding outerspace monsters is another thing entirely. But the effort continues with the latest poster for the movie's Spanish release, posted by Andromeda High. Check it out below:

I'm not really sure what those elephant monster type things are, but I know that they're just the beginning of the crazy stuff Civil War soldier John Carter encounters when he's somehow transported to Mars. As much as i don't yet understand about the world of this movie, I hope they don't actually overexplain it-- it's a rare thing to see a story you're not that familiar with at the movies these days, and even though John Carter is based on the century-old stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, it's going to be new to a lot of people. Let's let the mystery last a little longer, at least until the movie's release on March 9.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend