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Spectre Is Bringing Back This James Bond Villain

When Daniel Craig first stepped into the tuxedo of James Bond in Casino Royale, he faced off against a classic Bond villain straight out of the books. However, due to the legendary rights issues between EON Productions and writer Kevin McClory, a new super villain agency had to be created to begin terrorizing the new Bond, and its name was Quantum. However,Quantum Of Solace's less than stellar response meant that the agency of evil wouldn't show up in Skyfall, leaving loose ends like the fate of Jesper Christensen's Mr. White up in the open. At least, it was open until now.

Screen Rant picked up on an interview that Christensen had conducted with Euroman magazine, and he's apparently very hopeful that Mr. White will be coming back for Spectre. In fact, going by the statement he gave Euroman (included below,) he seems to have some knowledge that hasn't previously been disclosed.

"I am looking forward to working with Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig. It is a truly exciting script and a very capable team. So it’ll be fun."

The funny thing about Mr. White is, in a previous draft, there was an ending written for his character... an ending that Marc Forster would not divulge the entire contents of, but was in fact in the script and shot. However, if you played the video game adaptation of Quantum Of Solace, you can assume that Mr. White's fate is that of many other Bond henchmen. Watch the video below, and skip to 12:20 to see the material from the deleted ending.

The James Bond Wikia confirms this ending as canon, with the following entry:

Though unused in the final cut of Quantum of Solace, a scene was shot where Bond arrived at the estate of Guy Haines, an advisor to the Prime Minister and Mr. White's co-conspirator in the Quantum organization. In this scene Bond kills Mr. White and begins to interrogate Haines about Quantum; instead the producers chose to use the traditional gunbarrel sequence at the end of the film instead of this scene. This deleted scene was withheld from the Quantum of Solace DVD releases and remains unseen by the public.

Marc Forster supposedly cut Mr. White's death, so that way it could be used further on down the line in what he presumed would be the next entry in the rumored Quantum trilogy. However, if Christensen's statement is true, it looks like not only will we see Mr. White returning in Spectre, but that SPECTRE just might be behind, born from, or taking over Quantum itself. This would be big news, as Quantum was basically a SPECTRE stand in to begin with. With the rights solidly in EON Productions' court once more, this would be the best move in terms of tying up the Quantum story once and for all, while welcoming back the house that Blofeld built.

Odds are, if Mr. White does indeed return for Spectre, it won't be for long. After all, he's been involved with two failed Quantum plots that were foiled at the hand of James Bond. While he escaped MI6 custody, he still got himself captured in the first place. This is exactly the type of man Blofeld would shoot on sight, as his organization does not tolerate failure.

Spectre starts production on Monday, and opens in theaters on October 23 (UK) and November 6 (US), 2015.

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