Stan Lee Reveals Some Surprising Details About His Deadpool Cameo

With every passing Marvel movie, the pre-requisite Stan Lee cameo is one of the most anticipated moments of any film's running time. So naturally, when Lee showed up as a strip club DJ in Deadpool, the bar for Lee cameos was raised to a pretty high level. The funny thing is, the way Lee's cameo was shot isn't a laughing matter to the man himself.

In an interview appearing on the Fandemonium Network's YouTube channel, Stan Lee divulged a little known secret about how his cameo in the film was actually filmed. Instead of putting Lee in the thick of an actual gentleman's establishment, the following tricks were used according to his remarks:

I don't know if I should tell you the truth about that cameo. I was not in the topless dancing place. I did that in a studio and then they put it into the movie, and I'm damn mad about that!

Seeing as his cameos range from the fun of his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Civil War, to the more serious, such as his recent appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, there's pretty much nothing that Stan Lee can't do in the world of the movies. There's even fan theories linking all of the appearances in a sort of singular time line, between a father and a son, or even through the ever infamous "Watcher" persona known to pop up in all corners of the Marvel universe. And yet, in the long run, you could say that the cameo from Deadpool seems to be both the most fun, and the most difficult for Lee to handle.

Looking at Stan Lee's various bit-parts throughout all schisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's interesting to see which parts he ends up playing in which universes. That being said, an appearance such as that of his DJ character wouldn't wind up in a Marvel Studios film, nor would his X-Men: Apocalypse appearance with his wife. It seems that the Fox contingent of Marvel is the one that seems keen to push the envelope with Lee's cameos, as Marvel Studios and even Sony have mostly used Lee as a sort of light-hearted comedic easter egg. Though much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool went with a joke that was more in the hard PG-13 / soft R category, if you thought about it hard enough.

With Doctor Strange being the next Marvel Cinematic Universe entry the world will be partaking in, the question of which role Stan Lee will be playing will once more be a hot topic among comic book fans. Whether it will be on the lighter or darker side of the Lee continuum is yet to be seen, but it's a certainty that we'll be looking for his famous mug with eager eyes. We'll see you on November 4th, Stan!

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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