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Emma Watson is nearly set to reunite with her Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates for Warner Bros. adaptation of Emma Forrest's poignant memoir Your Voice In My Head. Here she'd portray a suicidal writer, devastated by a recent breakup, who is only pulled back from the edge of self-destruction by her therapist, who is terminally ill. Last month early reports revealed that the studio was hoping to land a major A-lister for the part of Watson's shrink, but now Oscar-nominated supporting player Stanley Tucci has entered negotiations to take on the commanding role.

Now, Tucci may not have the fame of a George Clooney--who was said to be interested—but he's an incredible actor who is currently burning up screens nationwide as the garish and grandiose TV personality Caesar Flickerman in the record-breaking Hunger Games. Perhaps this exposure was enough to convince Warner Bros. to set aside their A-lister ambitions, and relish in the wonder that is Tucci. The man is an absolute marvel, bounding from comedies like The Devil Wears Prada or Julie & Julia to dramas like The Lovely Bones and Margin Call, creating catty fashion editors, loving husbands and merciless child murderers with an awe-inspiring ease. He brings so many possibilities to the table, and would surely prove a solid scene partner for Watson, who is blossoming beautifully out of her kiddie pic beginnings.

Notably, while Your Voice in My Head is aiming to shoot this summer, Warner Bros. has not yet graced it with a green light. Variety suggests the studio is waiting for a worthy cast to commit first, as they plan to groom the feature for the 2013 award season, particularly prepping Best Actor accolades. So, Tucci, please sign on, so we can have Your Voice in My Head to look forward to this winter.

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