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Another day, another complete lack of original news on J.J. Abrams’ possible Star Wars sequel Episode VII … a movie that has no cast, no concrete release date, no official title and new screenwriters. But I’m sure everything is fine. To satiate your craving for anything and everything Star Wars, we’re instead bringing you a hilarious montage of A New Hope bloopers posted by YouTube user Neil Bowyer, claiming them to be "previously unseen outtakes."

What do we get to see? Sir Alec Guinness trying to "act" alongside a Wookie. Helmets falling off. Actors blowing lines. Standard stuff, though mistakes that still draw a smile, particularly because we have seen the finished film so many times, seeing alternate takes on famous interactions can only make us laugh. That’s why these brilliant bloopers reels Pixar used to do make me laugh so hard, because they just knew how much we enjoy seeing these classic mistake montages.

The Bug’s Life ones are hysterical. The dialogue deliveries crack me up, still.

Back to Star Wars. If these bloopers were posted on the official Star Wars YouTube page, I’d wager that it feeds into the notion that we might see something special related to Episode VII on Oct. 30, which is one year to the day that Disney and LucasFilm announced this next endeavor. And that still might happen. But news on the next Star Wars -- tangible news, not fan-driven hearsay – has been hard to come by, even as the movie reportedly ramps up pre-production. Will our patience pay off eventually?

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