Star Wars: Episode VII's 3rd Villain Might Not Be Who You Think It Is

So far, despite the detective work of the internet's best scoopers, we're still unsure as to what the major threat in Star Wars: Episode VII really is. Some early chatter pointed in the direction of "Jedi Hunters," though if a recent report is to be believed, that might just be the assumed name of the forces menacing Luke, Leia, Han and company in the next chapter of the sci-fi saga.

Latino Review has been mowing through a sea of Star Wars Episode VII rumors and conjecture to find out the source of the "Jedi Hunters" rumors that we heard about earlier this week. It turns out that, despite previous reports, David Oyelowo is not on set, nor is he playing a CGI character, and is likely not one of three main villains in the film - the other two reportedly played by Lupita Nyong'o and Adam Driver. Which is too bad, consdiering Oyelowo is awesome. Get some Oyelowo in this movie, Disney!

What makes this whole rumor situation quite a bit messier and what may have added to the confusion is the fact that Oyelowo's name has been thrown around in connection with Star Wars Rebels, the new animated television series offshoot that will be telling older stories set in the Star Wars universe. So the information about his possible role in the Star Wars: Episode VII series remains suspect.. But if you can get David Oyelowo and his great voice for your movie, why wouldn't you? Star Wars, you're not better than David Oyelowo! The actor is about to have a moment, starring in this year's Interstellar and A Most Violent Year, and could enter the awards conversation this year or next for his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming Selma.

While Oyelolo might not be involved, if the rest of the reports are to be believed, the new baddies in Star Wars: Episode VII have one goal, and it's one that may shape the future of the Star Wars universe.

Possible spoiler-ish details follow, so hold my hand and follow me, and I'll keep you warm all night, honey.

According to the earlier rumors (which come across mostly as informed speculation), the Jedi Hunters are seeking to resurrect The Sith. Apparently this quest will provide the plot for Star Wars: Episode VII to some degree, and a Sith Lord will be resurrected at some point in Star Wars: Episode VIII - leading to their eventual destruction in Star Wars: Episode IX. Latino Review says that the name "Jedi Hunters" is rather informal and premature, and that the characters can be more accurately described as mercenaries. The site also adds that there are scenes now being shot on a set that looks suspiciously like a new Star Destroyer - one of the premiere ships of the Empire - which should excite hardcore fans.

If Oyelowo isn't involved with Star Wars: Episode VII, then that means that the rumored villain trio is still short one interesting and compelling member. We still don't know what to expect from the inexperienced Nyong'o, who was absolutely gripping in 12 Years A Slave. Though it will be amusing to see Driver's anachronistic intensity in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.