Star Wars: Episode VII Star Daisy Ridley Sticking Around For The Rest Of The Trilogy

It seems like we're always learning something new about Star Wars: Episode VII, and the particular details about it that are being shrouded in secrecy. While we've been drip fed little things here and there, and nothing has been confirmed or officially announced involving the story, or more importantly who the scads of cast members new to the franchise are playing. One such player is none other than Daisy Ridley, the relative unknown who was revealed as being part of the film in the first cast reveal. While we don't know exactly who she's playing, we do know that she's looking to keep playing the same part in Star Wars: Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX.

It's Deadline reporting that Daisy Ridley is penciled in for Rian Johnson's later episodes in the new Star Wars trilogy, which we imagine means she must have really impressed the top brass at Disney and Bad Robot during her original audition. However, this also has us wondering if this new announcement means that her future will be poised for, shall we say... projects of a "Solo" nature?

Assuming the rumors are true, and Han Solo/Leia Organa Solo will be pulling the majority of focus in the Star Wars: Episode VII, we can then begin to assume that Daisy Ridley's function is going to be one of equal importance further down the line. If this is true, then could it be possible that she is a close associate, if not a directly related member, of the Solo family? Rumored details do suggest a connection between Solo and either Ridley or John Boyega.

Unfortunately for her co-stars, this means that the world's eyes are now going to be focused on any similar future announcements of Star Wars cast contracts. If Gwendoline Christie IS in fact playing an Imperial officer in Star Wars: Episode VII, she'd better hope she receives the same sort of good news about a multi-picture deal if she wants to stick around the franchise.

Right about now, Rian Johnson is hard at work writing and planning his vision for Star Wars: Episodes VIII and IX - which perhaps means he's spending a lot of time looking at Star Wars: Episode VII and really focusing on what Daisy Ridley's mystery character is like and how she thinks. Whatever it is this franchise sees in the actress, let's also hope they see in Oscar Isaac. The man is seriously underrated, and this is the type of gig that could suit him tremendously well.

Star Wars: Episode VII comes to our galaxy on December 18th, 2015; so there's plenty of time for the patented Abrams Mystery Box to keep fueling our speculative minds with goodies, tidbits, and red herrings. It's part of the fun, kids!

Mike Reyes
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