Stoker Scribe Wentworth Miller To Adapt Richard Parker's Scare Me

Wentworth Miller is primarily known for his work as an actor, namely for his role on the Fox series Prison Break, but this year he has started to show his versatility - specifically as a writer. The Sundance Film Festival in January premiered his first ever produced screenplay, Stoker, which earned a great deal of acclaim, and now it seems he's parlayed that success into another screenwriting gig.

Deadline has learned that Miller has been set to adapt the thriller Scare Me, based on the upcoming novel by Richard Parker (not to be confused with Spider-Man's dad or the tiger from Life of Pi). According to the publisher's website, the story follows a wealthy businessman named Will Frost who is awoken one night by a mysterious phone call asking him. "When did you last Google yourself?" When he performs the search, he discovers a website featuring photographs from inside his own house as well as six other homes he has never seen before - and in one of them a gruesome murder has taken place. The book is described by Deadline as being "in the vein of Se7en" and Relativity Media is set to back the project.

The book will be available in bookstores on April 30th, 2013 and is the second written by Parker, who published the thriller Stop Me in 2010. He previously worked as a TV writer before moving to books.

In addition to his burgeoning screenwriting career, Miller has continued working as an actor and will next be seen alongside Karl Urban and James Marsden in the new thriller The Loft.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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