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Street Fighter Director Andrzej Bartkowiak To Helm Beneath The Deep

Hannibal Production’s upcoming indie action film Beneath the Deep now has a director. Set to helm the movie is Poland-born director Andrzej Bartkowiak. Based on Bartkowiak’s list of credits, most of which are action films, he sounds like the right man for this project.

Deadline posted the news, stating that Bartkowiak is set to helm Beneath the Deep. Written by Armand Speca, the action movie is set to begin filming in March in Puerto Rico. The story follows “a group of Caribbean tourists who become stranded due to natural forces and face unexpected visitors who view them as intruders, and a battle to survive begins.”

Most of Bartkowiak’s credits are as a Cinematographer/Director of Photography. He’s worked on Lethal Weapon 4, Dante’s Peak, Speed and Falling Down. However, his more recent credits are as a director, which includes work on Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Doom, and Romeo Must Die. Deadline says the budget for the indie movie is $16 million, though IMDB has it listed at about $25 million. Either way, that’s on the low side for an action movie these days, at least by comparison to some of the other films Bartkowiak’s worked on. Street Fighter’s budget was estimated at $50 million.

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