With Katey arriving in Toronto yesterday afternoon, Team Cinema Blend was officially two member strong on the ground at the Toronto Film Festival-- for 24 hours, at least. Today Sean takes off, which left us one chance to get together and talk about what we had seen. Luckily we had just come out of one movie together, the highly anticipated The Master from Paul Thomas Anderson, so we tried to sort out our feelings about that first. We go on to talk about some highlights from the rest of what we've seen. including a very notable Presidential hand job in Hyde Park On Hudson, the much-touted Oscar frontrunner Silver Linings Playbook, and the classy literary adaptation Anna Karenina, which Sean fell hard for.

Sean's leaving town but Katey's sticking around, so stay tuned for hopefully many more of these video updates, perhaps with some special guests we can wrangle to stand in front of the camera. And to catch up on all of our TIFF coverage so far, click here.

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