I'm probably the only guy who thought Rufio actually was pretty cool in Hook, but whatever you thought of him before, he is now decidedly less cool. The kid who played Rufio stars opposite Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead, and if he's battled against some terminal illness and lost I apologize, because now he looks a lot like a cancer victim. Having been a cancer victim, I know what I'm talking about.

But maybe it's just Lupis and Rufio will work up the muster necessary to teach Antonio Banderas a few moves in the latest ghetto kids dance to success movie. Will there be a rich, white, love interest to inspire the mulitcultural males? Only time will tell. Till then, we have the first poster from Take the Lead for you below. It looks a lot like Dirty Dancing: Lime.

We've also dug up a photo gallery full of stills from the film. To see them, visit our preview page.

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