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Taylor Lautner's Acting Career May Continue Thanks To Gus Van Sant

The release of Abduction may in September proved an interesting and important part: Twilight fans may gush over every actor that appears in the Stephanie Meyer adaptations, but that doesn't mean that they have any appeal beyond it. The example here, of course, is Taylor Lautner. While some girls go nuts for the teenage shirtless wonder and have even established camps against those that love co-star Robert Pattinson, Abduction was a total flop at the box office, arriving in at number four during its opening weekend). The film was absolutely torn to shreds by critics, who largely took aim at Lautner's performance, which was truly godawful. Many predicted that the movie would mark the end of Hollywood's great Taylor Lautner experiment, but it would seem that Gus van Sant didn't get the memo.

According to THR, Lautner is currently in talks to star in van Sant's newest film, which doesn't yet have a plot description. Instead, all that is known about the film is that it's based on an article that was featured in the New Yorker. An announcement about who is writing the project's script is expected to be released later this week. The project, which obviously doesn't have a title yet (otherwise I would have told you what it is) looks to begin production at the start of next year.

Lautner's representation has given the star a $7.5 million price tag, but recently studios haven't exactly been knocking each other down to get the actor to star in their movies. In fact, most of the titles that Lautner has been attached to haven't exactly panned out. He chose Abduction over David Ellison's Northern Lights, and his decision to star in Stretch Armstrong instead of Max Steel hasn't exactly worked out too well either: the project has completely lost its momentum over at Universal. Let's put it this way - if Lautner wants to continue doing this whole "actor" thing instead of just moving to the world of male modeling, he has to make the most of this new Gus van Sant project.

Eric Eisenberg

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