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Good news for Twilight fans of the Team Jacob persuasion, it appears the dismal box office and universal, critical disdain that Taylor Lautner's disastrous effort Abduction has garnered, has not killed his prospects of being an action star. Deadline reports that Lautner has signed on to topline Tracers, a new thriller that will feature plenty of parkour action. It seems Twilight Saga producers Mary Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment still believe Lautner can be a bankable star, and so are producing the pic which will have its distribution rights shopped at the soon-to-start Cannes Film Festival.

In Tracers Lautner will play a New York City bike messenger whose life is on the line as he owes a hefty debt to an organized crime syndicate. So, aside from plenty of jumping about, expect cyclist-centered chase scenes amid the hectic traffic of New York. But Cam's life is changed forever when he crashes into a "sexy stranger" who subsequently introduces him to the wonderful world of parkour. It's unclear at this point if Lautner will partake in parkour himself, but it seems likely his character will. Still, savvy stunt doubles aside, isn't this an action trend already past its prime?

Between this fast-fading trend and Lautner's questionable box office drawing power, Tracers seems a rather risky venture. Yet Bowen is optimistic that the thriller will pick up several territories and a domestic distributor soon, saying: "We’ve had great successes making films for this audience and believe this project will continue our solid track record.” Temple Hill Entertainment is best known for producing the Twilight franchise as well as the romantic drama Dear John, so presumably the audience Bowen alludes to is women, many of them in younger demographics. They noticeably were not involved with Abduction. Of course before these moviegoers have the chance to see what Lautner can do with jumps and a bike, they'll see him reprise his role as the loyal lycanthrope in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, which opens November 16th.