Given that it's the first film Tom Hooper is directing since he won a pile of awards for The King's Speech, the upcoming musical adaptation of Les Miserables can afford to assemble the kind of glitzy cast that usually only exists in fantasy casting sessions. He's already got Hugh Jackman as the wrongfully imprisoned hero Jean Valjean, with Russell Crowe as the dogged Inspector Javert on his tail, and Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne, and possibly Sacha Baron Cohen and Amanda Seyfried rounding out the cast in various other parts, all of them requiring the actors to sing their lungs out and fight the good fight of the French Revolution.

Back in December we heard that three more huge names-- Taylor Swift, Lea Michele and Scarlett Johansson-- were all up for the meaty role of Eponine, a woman caught in a love triangle during the Revolution. Michele seemed like a shoo-in for the part given her Broadway-trained chops, but Twitch reports that the role has instead been offered to Swift. Should she accept she'll wind up in a love triangle with Seyfried, who plays the abandoned orphan Cosette, and Redmayne, who will play their mutual object of affection Marius.

Hooper has made almost nothing but safe and glitzy choices in casting this movie so far, but Swift, despite her immense fame, represents maybe the first curveball. The country singer isn't exactly known for her powerful singing voice, and say what you will for her brief and bubbly appearance in Valentine's Day two years ago, but her acting talents are basically untested. Maybe she went in and nailed the audition and somehow bested a trained theater actress like Michele. Or maybe Hooper is enjoying getting people riled up, amping up the anticipation for his movie all the more. There are plenty of Broadway purists who are understandably furious at this news, but while we're stuck writing up casting announcements and almost a year away from the actual film, I'd rather have some oddball news to play with. What say you guys?

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