We've been hearing about the possibility of a Fletch reboot for quite some time now. Based on the books by Gregory McDonald that proved to be two of Chevy Chase's best movies, talk of a reboot first started back in 2005 when Kevin Smith wanted to make a movie called Fletch Won with Jason Lee, but then that morphed into Bill Lawrence's Fletch Won with Zach Braff back in 2006, and then Braff left the project in 2007. After that there was some mention of Joshua Jackson or John Krasinski in the role, but those stories never became anything real. So guess what's happening now?

THR reports that Warner Bros. has picked up the movie rights to McDonald's mystery series with the hope of turning it into a new franchise. Though no director or writer has been attached yet, Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, and David List will produce and have said that it will be a re-imagining rather than a remake. In the books, I.M. Fletcher is a reporter famous for his exposes who also has to deal with two ex-wives.

The real funny part of this story? If it does actually get made, this will be the second failed Kevin Smith project to find its way through development in the hands of another director (the other being The Green Hornet). So now the big question: who's the next person that we want to see sing "Moon River" during a prostate exam?

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