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Thomas Haden Church In Talks For Slash-Produced Film Nothing To Fear

As much as I like Thomas Haden Church, he hasn't exactly been making the greatest decisions with his career in recent years. After Alexander Payne totally reinvigorated his career by casting him in Sideways (which earned him an Oscar nomination), Church has done dud after dud, including titles like All About Steve, Imagine That, Spider-Man 3 and Smart People. Naturally, the correct move at this point in his career is sign on for a film produced by Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

Deadline reports that the actor is now in talks for Nothing To Fear, the first project greenlit by Slasher Films, the production company started by Slash, Michael Williams and Rob Eric. The movie will mark the directorial debut of Anthony Leonardi, who has spent most of his career working in art departments with filmmakers like Gore Verbinski and Francis Lawrence. The plot centers on a family who is trying to start a better life for themselves, but "it is undone by a charismatic but unbalanced man of the cloth" (played by Church). According to the report, the setting of the film is based on a town that is suggested to be one of the seven gateways to hell. The film is scheduled to shoot next month in Louisiana.

This actually could be kind of interesting. Thanks to his deep voice and calm demeanor, Church usually plays more down-to-Earth characters, but this sounds like it could be the complete opposite of that. What does Thomas Haden Church look like when he's acting completely batshit nuts? Hopefully Slash has set it up so that we'll find out soon.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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