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While the Thor movies have featured women like Jane Foster, Darcy, Sif, and Frigga in important roles, villain-wise, it’s been a sausage fest. Loki has caused trouble both for the God of Thunder and the Avengers, while Malekith launched his own scheme centered around the Aether in Thor: The Dark World. Details on what to expect from Thor: Ragnarok have been light, but now there’s word that a woman may be operating for the dark side this time around.

Following last month’s report that Valkyrie will be introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, it’s now rumored that the threequel is setting its sights on having a female be the main antagonist. It wasn’t said who this individual will be, other than they want a big name-actress to play her. That’s barely anything to work off of, but upon closer inspection of Thor’s rogues gallery, there are a few names that fit the bill. Let’s take a look at the prime candidates who might trouble Thor Odinson in 2017.

After becoming one of Asgard’s most skilled magic users, Amora the Enchantress opted to use her sorcery for personal gain rather than helping her people. Her abilities range from casting illusions to teleporting to shooting energy blasts, but her favorite ability is being able to seduce men to become her slaves, though her beauty also helps considerably. If this schtick sounds familiar, that’s because her sister, Lorelei, used it on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but trust me, Amora is much more dangerous.

God-like entities aside, Enchantress is one of the few Thor villains who’s worthy of succeeding Loki as the primary baddie. Whether she’s the one who unleashes Ragnarok or is hatching something on the side, it’s guaranteed she’ll give the God of Thunder a run for his money. While she’s capable of causing trouble on her own, we also wouldn’t mind seeing her ever-constant muscle, Executioner, following Enchantress around like in the comics, always hoping she’ll show him the same love he feels for her. Depending on what happens to her, it would also be interesting if she followed her comic book counterpart’s footsteps and allied with notable Earth-based supervillains.
In case it wasn’t already clear, Thor: Ragnarok will see an apocalyptic force unleashed across Asgard. So who better to appear than the Asgardian Goddess of Death? In the comics, Hela (inspired by the original Norse Hel) is the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, and when she came of age, Odin named her the ruler of the dead in Hel and Niffelheim. However, this wasn’t enough for her, and now her main goal has been trying to conquer Valhalla, the afterlife realm where heroes go when they die in battle.

It’s unclear whether the MCU would make Hela Loki’s daughter. Sure, he’s been alive for over a thousand years, but there hasn’t been any mention of him having a romantic relationship. Regardless, with all the Asgadians expected to die in Thor: Ragnarok, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw both versions of the afterlife, only in this tale, Hela is the one who triggers Ragnarok so she can somehow seize more power. Hela’s presence could also to introduce Death, the personification who hardcore comic book fans know Avengers: Infinity War antagonist Thanos is deeply in love with.
So far, all of the villains Thor has faced in his solo movies have been from other areas of the Nine Realms, but what about siccing someone on him from good ol’ Midgard? When Bloodaxe was introduced in the ‘90s, it was impossible for fans to tell whether the monstrous villain was male or female. It was eventually revealed that Bloodaxe was Jackie Kukus, the former acquaintance of Erik Masterson, who briefly served as Thor. When she picked up the mystical axe previously wielded by Skurge the Executioner (a.k.a. Enchantress’ lapdog), she was transformed into this bloodthirsty killing machine.

We have trouble seeing Bloodaxe as the only antagonist in Thor: Ragnarok, but she would definitely work well as the movie’s muscle. It might be interesting to see a regular human unwillingly turned into something abominable simply as be used as a weapon. The movie would also need to take care making sure she doesn’t visually resemble another red-faced villain that a certain Star Spangled Avenger fought.
As mighty as he is, Odin doesn’t rule all of Asgard. One of its provinces is the independent Nornheim, and its leader is the sorceress Karnilla. Despite being in love with the mighty Balder (who we haven’t seen in the movies…yet), Karnilla has cemented herself as an enemy of Asgard. Although she has the same natural abilities as normal Asgardians, it’s her magic that makes her a dangerous foe, and even the All Father has had trouble with her.

When she’s not causing trouble on her own, she has often allied herself with Loki, and, like in the comics, it’s expected that the God of Mischief will play a role in triggering Ragnarok. So it’s certainly possible that the same partnership could be seen on screen, except in the MCU, perhaps she’s the one manipulating Loki for her own plans rather than their relationship being one of equals. Perhaps she wants to kill everyone on the main Asgard landmass, but by causing Raganok (a force she wasn’t able to fully comprehend), she’s ensured the destruction of her own people as well.

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