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Thor: Ragnarok Might Leave Out Two Fan Favorite Characters

So much of the focus for Marvel’s Phase 3 is focused on the upcoming Captain America: Civil War that much of what is following it is being overshadowed. Captain America isn’t the only Avenger with a major standalone movie coming up. Thor is ready for his third feature with the upcoming Ragnarok. While some of the details of that film are beginning to take shape it’s the details that we are missing that are, as usual, more interesting.

The new film is looking a little light on the Asgardians so far. Two of Thor’s brothers-in-arms, Volstagg and Fandral, have yet to hear anything from Marvel regarding returning for the next film. Both of the actors portraying those roles are noticeably excited by the prospect of coming back, so it appears they’re just waiting to see if the phone rings. Speaking with Comic Book Resources Zachary Levi did not play coy, saying he hopes he’ll be returning to play Fandral.

As far as I know, they are still writing the script. Once that’s all buttoned down, I’m sure they will be making the phone call to whatever actors are involved. I hope I’m involved. I’d love to reprise Fandral. That was a fun experience, getting to be blonde, Asgardian and sounding British.

This echoes some comments previously made by Ray Stevenson when he was asked by IGN about returning to play Volstagg.

As far as Volstagg is concerned, should he be called with his other Warriors Three to protect young Thor again, within a heart’s beat he will be there. So, I am waiting to hear.

Thor: Ragnarok isn’t planned until 2017 so things are still in fairly early development. It doesn’t sound like either actor is not expecting to be in the film. Everybody in the MCU is signed to multi-picture deals and there’s a reasonable expectation that they’ll be used, even if the part is little more than a cameo. Still, the lack of phone calls to these guys does seem a little concerning considering another Asgardian, Lady Sif, apparently has received her call. Jaimie Alexander has confirmed she has a pivotal role in the new film. If they’re calling actors in order of importance than the Warriors Three may still be getting calls, but possibly for smaller parts.

Here they are, contributing to Thor's origin film:

Beyond the titular God, another major character we’re expecting to see appear in Thor: Ragnarok is the Hulk. All signs are pointing to him having a major part to play in the movie, which itself is expected to lay many important set pieces for the upcoming Infinity War movies.

If the end of the world is coming it seems unlikely that Thor would fight it without his friends at his side. How much will you miss Fandral and Volstagg if we don’t see them in Thor: Ragnarok?

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