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When the “Aaron Eckhart is an action star” thriller Erased hits VOD in April – with a limited theater run starting in May – the world will get their first look at a film written by screenwriter Arash Amel. More eagerly anticipated, however, is December’s Princess Grace biopic Grace of Monaco, which will bring Amel’s 2011 Black List script to screens in December with Nicole Kidman in the leading role.

Neither of these projects is exemplary of theoretical physics, but Amel’s pitch for a sci-fi project titled The Infinity Principle has been acquired by Summit Entertainment, and will be produced by Basil Iwanyk through his Thunder Road Pictures imprint, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Perhaps Amel’s recent work on the sequel to I Am Legend spoke to his abilities to cross genres with ease. Not that anyone really needs for that movie to get made, but if it serves as solid resume filler, we’re all for that.

The basic storyline for The Infinity Principle is sadly vague, and involves a physicist who discovers time travel is possible. And as a result, everyone lives happily ever after. Or actually, “the universe begins to unravel as a result.” It’s hard to rail against the scope of something that could possibly unravel a universe, so while it doesn’t quite grasp the interest, it fuels a flame.

Basil Iwanyk produces such big spectacle films like Clash of the Titans and high stakes crime thrillers like The Town, so that should put Infinity Principle into the mid-to-high budget range, but hopefully it keeps its brains about it. It still won’t be Primer.