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Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Rip This Year's Movies To Shreds In Blistering Golden Globes Monologue

If you were worried that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler might pull their punches as hosts of the Golden Globes on Sunday night, they eased our collective minds almost immediately by calling the beautiful, powerful gathered celebrities "despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats." That’s right. This was the beginning of the 72nd, "and final" Golden Globes – according to Poehler – and these ladies were planning on going out with a bang.

Some of the material in the monologue was predictable. North Korea, the Sony attack and The Interview punchlines flew at a furious clip. Emma Stone got called "cute and creepy" for looking like one of the Big Eyes paintings. The running joke with Julia Louis Dreyfus continued, and Fey kept wringing laughs out of it (though the camera operator was slow to pan to JLD, who had a classic reaction shot reserved for the funny ladies).

Were you shocked that Wes Anderson showed up to the Globes? I was, slightly, even though The Grand Budapest Hotel is nominated in multiple categories. Apparently, though, he rode "a bicycle made out of antique tuba parts" to the ceremony. That fits.

The best joke delivered by the duo? It had to be the razor-sharp one line attacking George Clooney for his worthless "Lifetime Achievement Award." Awesome.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler admitted this is the last time that they will host, and ended with a rousing, ribald round of "Who Would You Rather?" Rather what? They left that up to your imagination.

In general, the ladies got off OK, running through a laundry list of insults at some easy celebrity targets. Oprah Winfrey didn’t appreciate the duo’s Selma joke. The worked a Bill Cosby joke into their Into the Woods material, so you know Disney was thrilled. (Also, for the record, the room got SUPER uncomfortable laughing at the Cosby jokes. But forget the room. Kudos to the ladies for even daring to go there.)

Watch the monologue here, for now:

The ladies finished by pulling Benedict Cumberbatch out of the crowd to present an award. So, on with the show!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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