New Transformers 4 Rumor Possibly Identifies The New Robots In Disguise

We always knew that Michael Bay's Transformers 4 would include some brand new robots. After all, one of the movies' big selling points for Hasbro is the fact that it allows them to sells tons of new toys to young fans (which Hasbro President and CEO Brian Goldner said fairly bluntly at the UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference). What's been kept a mystery, however, which exploitable bots they would be introducing. Now it's possible that mystery has been solved.

WARNING: There are possible spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

JoBlo has learned from a source that Bay's third sequel in the Transformers franchise will feature the Dinobot characters, including team leader/Tyrannosaurus Rex Grimlock. The site also adds that the villain will be Lockdown, "who has a ship full of decommissioned Transformers, including the dinobots, which are somehow brought back to life by a captured Optimus Prime." Autobot Hound is also going to be a major character, and on the otherside will be Galvatron, the reborn Megatron that was featured in Transformers: The Movie.

But here's where things get a little bit weird. While it has been confirmed that parts of the film will be set in China, the source says that at one point in the movie Optimus and Bumblebee will "ride" the Dinobots into battle in Hong Kong...with Prime on Grimlock and Bumblebee on a Pterandon, presumably Swoop." Part of me wants me to dismiss that as being just a tad bit too strange, but one shouldn't underestimate Michael Bay.

If Transformers 4 is in fact planning to use the Dinobots, it will further evidence that we are on the brink of seeing a new dinosaur craze start up in the next couple years. Walking With Dinosaurs will be out at the end of this year,Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is out next summer, and Jurassic Park 4 is still very much in the works (despite recently getting delayed). It's hard to say if the Transformers 4 rumor is true, but if it is it's doing a good job of getting in early on a growing trend.

Eric Eisenberg
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