Tribeca Interview: Teacher Of The Year's Rachel Dratch

As someone who’s working on some short films of her own, I know that there’s nothing more helpful that attaching a “name” to your project, and for Rachel Dratch, all she really wanted was to be part of a film playing in a festival, so she and Teacher of the Year turned out to be the perfect match.

The film focuses on a teacher named Ethan Collins who’s devastated by his wife’s recent infidelity. Rather than sulk on his own or even give his wife a piece of his mind, Ethan uses the predicament to impart his wisdom on his class of elementary school students. Dratch steps in as the school’s vice principal, someone who doesn’t appreciate Ethan’s lecture on the connection between marriage and settling.

Living right around the corner from the Tribeca Film Festival venues, Teacher of the Year’s big debut was mere blocks away for Dratch. Just after watching the film for the first time on the big screen, Dratch hit the Teacher of the Year after party and took some time to sit down and tell us about her experience working on the project, what’s she’s got coming up and more. Check it out in the video interview below.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.